Becoming Biopsychosocial

Case studies are often presented at conferences to help practitioners understand the process of helping and healing, and yet the patients/clients themselves are not part of this conversation.

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Becoming Biopsychosocial

Conference Details

Where: Conway Hall, London

When: 16th October 2022

Why: This conference aims to create a diverse space where the voices of both practitioners and patients/clients are heard. This means we’re looking for people like you to come and talk about your experiences with voice health. Not as an expert researcher or clinician, but as a patient who has hopes, dreams, fears, feelings and criticisms of the journey you have been through.

We have a call for papers from both practitioners and patients/clients and are looking for evidence based research, practice based evidence and lived experience of voice problems and treatment.

Be part of the future of voice care by helping all of us learn from our mistakes and triumphs.

How: All the speakers will be with us in person. There will be spaces for another 55 people to join us in the Conway Hall. In addition to this, the whole event will be live-streamed for virtual attendance. The conference will not be recorded due to the sensitive nature of the personal case studies.

Can’t make the date of the conference but still interested?
We are releasing an unlimited number of tickets for the recording of the day including the Keynote speaker, Dr Sam Slattery. This will be a fully edited and produced recording, with each in-person audience member receiving a copy too.

Call for papers