Vocal Habilitation Professional course

The VHP Journey and answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The VHP Journey


In a nutshellVHP is about habilitation, learning how to deliver health-aware singing (or spoken voice) lessonsnot rehabilitation sessions. Rehabilitation sessions are an integral part of the Voice Rehabilitation Specialist course, the next step after VHP.
Module 1 is not for you to know everything in 3 months, it’s to open up the box of delights and show you the possibilities. The point is to keep coming back to it and finding more in there over the duration of the course and beyond. This information is the start of our journey, not the end point. So as you come to the end of Module 1 look to do as well as you can in the test, of course, but also enjoy how much more you will get out of those gorgeous resources as you go on. And yes, once you have passed the test you will be able to apply for extended access to those videos while you continue your VHP journey – for the outrageous sum of £0!

Module 2 is your chance to unpack and explore what you’ve started to absorb from Module 1, working through case studies in a group with the expert guidance of a VRC/SVS Tutor. The outline will be presented by the Tutor, and then you’ll discuss the case in small groups as well as all together, and decide on further questions and potential recommendations for further work. This expert guidance through individual case studies gives you a rare insight into processes which normally remain behind closed studio doors, and helps to demystify working with a recovering voice. You’ll fill in a workbook based on the sessions and start a reflective journal at this stage. Sessions will be recorded by the Tutor to assist in marking, then deleted.

To help the transition from module 1 to 2, and to set you up to take best advantage of this group work, your first session will be The Reflecting Detective: How to ask better questions. This workshop will help you synthesise the Module 1 information into a practical protocol for use with all your clients. This is an experiential ‘detective’ workshop, where you will be led to listen differently and ask better questions to determine whether you can uncover other, useful information about the person in front of you. This session will involve practice questioning and interactive role-play, as well as a chance to meet your fellow cohort members, and will cover: How to listen without bias; How to reply without leading; How to hear what isn’t being said; The zoom-in, zoom-out technique of addressing detail within the holistic, biopsychosocial model; How to guide the client in their own journey of discovery.

Your personal contribution in the first session in Module 2 will not be assessed, the next two sessions will be assessed according to the assessment criteria in your workbook.

In Module 3 you will be paired with a Mentor and lead real live lessons with a real live client and your Mentor there to guide you (like a driving instructor with dual control). Your Mentor may step in and make suggestions at any point, or they may just observe during the lesson, feeding back afterwards. Rather than copying the Mentor, the model to use will be the one you’ll have assimilated from the course material over Modules 1 and 2, and now it’s time to put it in action! You’ll treat the client like they’re a normal student, your student. You just took them on, they signed up for a vocal health check-up and booked 3 sessions with you, and you don’t have a history or goals from or for them yet – so history taking and goal-setting might be a good idea for the first lesson! Remember that these are health-aware singing (or spoken voice) lessons, not rehabilitation sessions, so the initial questioning doesn’t need to be exhaustive, it can just be appropriate. You’ll take client notes and continue your reflective journal at this stage. Nb lessons will not be recorded. Recordings can be very useful but the logistics of legally, safely and securely sharing recordings between VHPs, clients and mentors isn’t viable at the moment.

Module 4 (or viva assessment) is about confirming your pass status compiling the marks and feedback from your tutor/s and mentor. As well as being interviewed by a specialist, you will also be encouraged to think about the “Even Better If” side of your biopsychosocial approach to the work. In some ways, the module 4 is a final mentor session in a conversationally assessed format.

How does it work?
The mark awarded by your Module 3 mentor will be a strong guide for the final level awarded, but your assessor will also take into account all the evidence from your journey: Module 1 theory mark; feedback and marks from Module 2 group sessions; feedback, marks and grade from Module 3 mentoring; your reflective journal from Modules 2 and 3.

What questions will be asked?
Along with your CV, including any relevant CPD, the assessor will use this to ask you questions that help you think not only about your journey through biopsychosocialising your practice and your status as a VHP, but about what it means to be a VHP for you. The assessor may ask you some tricky questions; this isn’t to catch you out, sometimes our clients ask tricky questions! They will want to hear from you what you really think about your own work, and your plans for the future. This meeting is as much for you to find out more about us as it is for us at VHE to find out about you. The session will be recorded for archive purposes.

What happens when I pass my Module 4?
The module 4 marks the final module in your VHP journey. Congratulations! Upon completion, you will be sent a certificate, a VHP badge and appropriate candidates will be asked to interview for the Voice Rehabilitation Specialist pathway.

How much time do I have?
Once you start a Module, you have:
Module 1: 90 days from when you purchase the module
Module 2: 60 days from your Reflecting Detective session
Module 3: 30 days from your first booked session
Module 4: 60 days from receiving your Module 3 feedback

Can I take breaks between Modules?
Absolutely, but do be aware that sometimes that will mean waiting for the next cohort before continuing i.e. 3 months. For instance, you need to participate in a Reflecting Detective workshop at the beginning of Module 2. These will generally be held on one day, 2 to 4 weeks after a Module 1 deadline, so if you want to take some time out between Modules 1 and 2 that will mean joining the next cohort.



I want to purchase the Vocal Habilitation Professional course, but the website is bringing me to a waitlist. How can I purchase the course?
We run each VHP course in cohorts to maintain a ‘hands on’ individualised experience. If you are being directed to a waitlist, it means we are not currently accepting students. If you sign up for the waitlist, you will be the first to know when you can purchase a spot on the next cohort.

How do I know when my exact deadline is for Module 1?
The 90-day timer starts from the exact time you initially purchased the course.

Do I have to finish the Module 1 test inside my 90-day deadline?
Yes. In exceptional circumstances, and at our discretion, we will grant extensions.

I purchased the course and got a payment receipt, but I never got a confirmation email with instructions on how to log in…
Have you checked your spam/junk folder?
Yes – still nothing
Contact Julian using the contact form below and he will get you sorted.

I accessed the course through the link in my confirmation email but now it’s telling me I am not enrolled…
Try logging in through the ‘Log in to my course’ page on the website instead. If you’re not sure what your login details are, click the ‘Lost my password’ link on the login page.

I clicked the ‘lost my password’ link and I didn’t receive a reset email…
Have you checked your spam/junk folder?
Yes – still nothing
Contact Julian using the contact form below and he will get you sorted!

I accidentally registered an incorrect email address for the course. How can I update my email to the correct one?
Use the Contact form below to send the correct address to Julian and he will update your account for you.

I tried to log in with the wrong details too many times and now the website is saying I’m locked out – what do I do??
This is a safety feature of our website; I’m afraid you will have to wait 24 hours before logging in again.

If I fail the Module 1 test, what should I do? 
You will automatically be offered a chance to retake the test. One retake is at no extra cost to you.

How do I find out what the exact correct answers in the test were?
We don’t send out an answer key to the test. However, you can book a tutorial with one of the experts on the VHP team where you can find out which answers were incorrect and areas you would benefit from revisiting. This is £55 for a tutorial which will last up to 30 minutes. For more details contact our VHP Course Manager using the contact form below.

I failed the test and the retake, but I’m loving the journey and really want to crack this – what can I do!
First, breathe – we’ve got you, and you’ve got this! You can book a retake and a tutorial with one of the experts on the VHP team where you can go through your test feedback and discuss exactly which areas would be best to revise. This is at a cost of £80 for a retake and a tutorial which will last up to 30 minutes, and £135 for a retake and a tutorial which will last up to 60 minutes. The length of tutorial will be based on your test score and answers so we can best help you with your journey. Contact our VHP Course Manager using the contact form below for more information.

Alternatively, you may prefer to book a mentor session with Jenevora or Stephen, where you can explore your present level of skillset, pinpoint what you are finding most rewarding, find your unique selling point and explore the next steps of your journey. This 60 minute goal-setting session is £110. (nb you’ll acquire an abundance of information but this session does not include a test tutorial or retake fee).

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