Vocal Health First Aid course

Please read the answers to Frequently Asked Questions

I want to purchase the Vocal Health First Aid course, but the website is bringing me to a waitlist. How can I purchase the course?
We run each VHFA course in cohorts to maintain a ‘hands on’ individualised experience. If you are being directed to a waitlist, it means we are not currently accepting students. If you sign up for the waitlist, you will be the first to know when you can purchase a spot on the next cohort!

How long do I have to complete the Vocal Health First Aid Course?
You have 30 days to watch the course material and complete the final quiz.

How do I know when my exact deadline is?
The 30-day timer starts from the exact time you initially purchased the course.

Do I have to finish the quiz inside my 30-day deadline?

Do I need to book my final assessment interview inside my 30-day deadline?
No – you can book this assessment after the 30 days. However, we do advise that you not wait too long after so that the course material is still fresh in your mind!

I purchased the course and got a payment receipt, but I never got a confirmation email with instructions on how to log in…
Have you checked your spam/junk folder?
Yes – still nothing
Contact Eimear using the Contact form below and she will get you sorted!

I accessed the course through the link in my confirmation email but now it’s telling me I am not enrolled…
Try logging in through the ‘Log in to my course’ page on the website instead. If you’re not sure what your login details are, click the ‘Lost my password’ link on the login page.

I clicked the ‘lost my password’ link and I didn’t receive a reset email…
Have you checked your spam/junk folder?
Yes – still nothing
Contact Eimear using the Contact form below and she will get you sorted!

I accidentally registered an incorrect email address for the course. How can I update my email to the correct one?
Use the Contact form below to send the correct address to Eimear and she will update your account for you.

I tried to log in with the wrong details too many times and now the website is saying I’m locked out – what do I do??
This is a safety feature of our website; I’m afraid you will have to wait 24 hours before logging in again.

If I fail the quiz, what should I do? 
You will automatically be offered a chance to retake the exam. One retake is at no extra cost to you.

I‘m worried that I may fail it again, what should I do?
You can book a tutorial with Eimear, the VHFA Course Manager, where you can go through your quiz feedback and discuss exactly which areas would be best to revise. This is £55 for a tutorial which will last up to 30 minutes. Contact Eimear using the contact form below for more information.

How do I find out what the exact correct answers in the quiz were?
We don’t send out an answer key to the quiz. However, you can book a tutorial with Eimear, the VHFA Course Manager, where you can find out which answers were incorrect and areas you would benefit from revisiting. This is £55 for a tutorial which will last up to 30 minutes. For more details contact Eimear using the contact form below.

How do I schedule in for my final interview?
Once you pass the quiz you should be prompted with a link to book in for your final interview. If you didn’t receive this prompt after passing your quiz, please reach out to Eimear using the Contact form below for the booking link.

Vocal Health First Aid course