Critical Thinking and Bias in Rehabilitation

March 3rd – 5th 2023
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Course cost – £425.00 incl. VAT

The Course

In this compulsory short-course for those on the VRS Pathway, you will meet your cohort of fellow Voice Rehabilitation Specialists. Over three days, guided by Stephen King and Dr Jenevora Williams, you will experience being in a group and seeing what arrives from the unconscious in terms of the work we do, the experience of what our voice means to us (and to our client), where it is felt and what might psychosocially suppress it. 


Day 1 – Understanding and analysing unconscious bias, establishing what guides our decision-making. Examining the placebo / nocebo effect and contextual factors in rehabilitation.

Day 2 – An introduction to evidence-based behaviour change strategies and their application for facilitating change in our clients.

Day 3 – A recap and reflection of the three day process.