Voice and Swallowing with Walt Fritz

Foundations in Manual Therapy

March 6th – 7th 2023
Cost: £450
Early Bird: £397
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The foundations

This dynamic two-day, hands-on seminar will provide the speech language pathologist / therapist, vocal coach, physiotherapist, massage therapist, occupational therapist, and ENT with interest in pathology / dysfunction in the upper thorax and neck regions, a solid grounding in the use of manual therapies for the treatment of voice and swallowing related disorders.

We will first review pertinent evidence and establish a sound scientific narrative for the effects of this work. Unlike much manual therapy training, where there is an artificial emphasis on tissue specific beliefs, Walt Fritz’s approach is one of giving higher acknowledgment to patient input in all aspects of the treatment process.

He teaches from the basis of plausible, neurologically-informed narratives of impact. You will then spend the majority of the seminar in closely supervised hands-on learning of not only manual therapy skills, but also of a patient-led model of interviewing, evaluation, and treatment.

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Who can attend this course?

This class is appropriate for those working with the voice (dysfunctional as well as performance), swallowing, breathing, mouth, and tongue related disorders. Course content is suitable for those with no previous experience using manual therapy, as well as clinicians with previous manual therapy experience. Ideally the course participant will have completed Vocal Health First Aid.

Who delivers the course?

Walt Fritz is a physical therapist from the United States who has been using manual therapy as a primary intervention since 1992. He has been an educator since 1995, and his work has evolved from “myofascial release” into a more accurate term, “manual therapy.” He teaches health and vocal performance professionals across the globe. You can learn about his work through articles and videos at www.WaltFritz.com.