Mindfulness for Singers

This is an 8-week mindfulness course tailored to singers, 
singing teachers and coaches, and voice rehabilitation specialists.


What is Mindfulness for Singers?

This practical and educational course will guide you to learn mindfulness for yourself as well as suggest ways in which you can use mindfulness in your daily work. The course has been studied in two research projects and details about this research and published reports are available at www.mindfulnessforsingers.co.uk.

This enrolment for the course contains requests for your permission to collect and process your data for the duration of the course and it asks you to consider your mental health situation before taking the course.

Who is this course for?

This course is available to all who have qualified as Vocal Health First Aiders.  Just bring your curious self, and a willingness to learn and develop. 

Everyone is welcome.

How does the course work?

Each online weekly session can be completed at a time to suit you and should take about 1 hour to complete (2-3 videos and Log Book tasks each week). Week 1 and 7 are live online group sessions.

You will also need to commit to at least 10 minutes daily practice during each week and complete a daily journal in your Log Book. 

Dates and times of study sessions

Week 1 – Present Awareness (videos 1-3) + Live online group session (1hr Sunday 24th Oct)
Week 2 – Body and Mind (videos 4-6)
Week 3 – Suffering (videos 7 and 8)
Week 4 – Perception (videos 9 and 10)
Week 5 – Widening Awareness (videos 11 and 12)
Week 6 – Exploring Difficulties (videos 13-15)
Week 7 – Mindful Performance week: Live online group session (1.5hrs Sunday 5th Dec)
Week 8 – Summary (videos 16-18)

Mindfulness to...

Help with learning

  • Singing lessons: Learning technique, creativity, dealing with teacher and lesson pressure, self worry, inadequacy, dealing with criticism.
  • Singing technique: Practical body sensation understanding – self awareness of physical sensations.
  • Singing Practice: Practicing singing technique, quality time management, creativity, words learning, memory of what teacher said, frustration, dealing with self criticism.

Help with performing

  • Anxiety/Nerves: Not running from them and having strategy to deal with them.
  • Primary and secondary suffering: Types of primary suffering (tummy queasy/headache/sore throat/shakes etc); Types of secondary suffering (feelings of not worthy, emotion of fear etc)
  • On stage: Being aware in present moment to be creative; Being aware of performers / conductor / props / audience; Performing on stage – entry to flow state.

Help with career stress and daily life

  • People: Networking/getting on with others/dealing with conductors and concert promoters and fixers and agents.
  • Stress and Anxiety: Audition nerves, job related stress, paying bills; Relaxation from intensity of job stresses.

Help with sleep/relaxation issues

  • Dealing with critics comments, criticism, other singers.
  • Better immunity to colds and flu

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