Vocal Habilitation Professional – 1 month access

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1 month access to Module 1 of the Vocal Habilitation Professional course.

After 1 month, access to Module 1 and the rest of the VHP course will continue on a subscription basis at £219 per month as we move to a new learning platform, replacing the previous pay-per-module system.

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This course is for singing teachers and voice teachers wanting to be able to work with singers and other voice users who have been experiencing problems relating to their vocal health.  The VHP will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to deliver vocal health practice safely and effectively.  The training will be the equivalent of approximately two weeks of full-time study, with group classes, individual mentoring and assessment of the teacher working with clients as well as online content.

You will be guided through 81 films. These are grouped in four stories or case studies, with interludes providing key information. Most of these are lecture-style presentations, some are interviews or conversations between experts.

There are copies of the slides to download, so that you can make notes as you go through, and keep these for future reference.

Your individual progress through the films is entirely at your own pace; you have 90 days to complete this module, so you should aim to work through 2-3 hours of content each week.

Requirements / Prerequisites to join the VHP pathway