VHP Module 2

£447.00 incl. VAT


A 2 hour reflective workshop, up to three 2 hour interactive online group sessions, and up to eight 1 hour coaching triads.

Required Dates

Sunday 16th January at either 9-11am GMT or 6-8pm GMT – you must attend one session.

Starting on Sunday 6th March from 1-3pm GMT, and on alternating Saturdays & Sundays in March and April – you can attend up to three sessions, and must attend and pass at least two.

Sunday 6th March
Saturday 12th March
Sunday 20th March
Saturday 26th March
Sunday 3rd April
Saturday 9th April
Sunday 17th April
Saturday 23rd April

Part of the Vocal Habilitation Professional pathway – only buy if you have successfully completed VHP Module 1!

VHP Module 2 gives you access to up to four 2 hour interactive online group sessions, and up to eight 1 hour coaching triads. The first session is an experiential ‘detective’ workshop run by Stephen King, where you will be led to listen differently and ask better questions to determine whether you can uncover other, useful information about the person in front of you. This session involves practice questioning and interactive role-play, how to use that biopsychosocial lens in sessions, as well as a course walk-through. It is a required workshop but not assessed. This is an opportunity to challenge and rethink your interactions with the client.

You then have access to three group sessions led by a Vocal Rehabilitation Coach or Singing Voice Specialist who will take the group through two or three real case studies and the process through which each person was habilitated. This expert guidance through individual case studies gives you a rare insight into processes which normally remain behind closed studio doors, and helps to demystify working with a recovering voice. Your contribution will be assessed and you will receive feedback from each tutor. You need to participate in and pass at least two group sessions.

You also have the opportunity to participate in up to eight Coaching Triads. Facilitated by a member of the VHE team you will explore the art of guiding the client in their process towards self-actualisation using open and closed questions, rotating roles with two fellow VHPs as ‘client’, ‘VHP’ and observer. The ‘client’ comes with a question or dilemma; the ‘VHP’ is providing a sounding board to explore ideas; the observer is there to give feedback on how effective the VHP has been. These sessions are optional but highly recommended.

During Module 2 (and Module 3), you will be writing a reflective journal to demonstrate interaction with and development from the training.