Vocal Health First Aid Course

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Start your journey and level up your vocal health knowledge now.

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“How does the course work?
When you sign in to our online learning platform, you will be guided through the 37 short films that make up the 7 modules of the course content. You can watch these films in your own time and there are downloadable PDFs of all the slides for you to keep and make notes. You can navigate this journey at your own pace, signing back in with your own username and password each time. There are approximately 9 hours of film content.
After registering, you will have 30 days to complete the course.

How do I get certified as a Vocal Health First Aider?
At the end of the 37 films is a short series of quizzes for you to answer. If you score more than 65% correct answers on each individual quiz, you will be invited to register for an assessment. This is a 20-minute conversation with one of the VRS teachers. If you miss the 65% pass rate, you can re-do each quiz once for free. After that, we will be in touch to help you.