These are the new VHP course documents – or rather the same course documents, somewhat condensed, slightly rewritten for clarity and gathered together in a hopefully more accessible way!

The VHP Course Handbook is your new reference.  If you have a question, check there first.  If you still have a question after that, contact the Course Manager.

The VHP Workbook & Reflective Journal now covers the entire course.  If you write anything, write it in there.  It’s a PDF with editable text boxes, which are a guide of approximately how much writing is useful for evidencing purposes.  If your reflections won’t fit, no problem, we all reflect in different ways, and that’s great!  Use a separate document for your full and unabridged reflections, then transfer the focused essence to your workbook.  Anything you’re unsure on, check the Handbook, then as needed contact the Course Manager.

The Learning Contract gathers together expectations that were already in place, with a couple of changes, the main ones being costs (pay-by-module has now become subscription) and timeline.  As before, if it would help to take a break between modules, reach out to the Course Manager and we can look at the options.