VHP Module 2
Cohorts 1–3

Welcome!  Module 2 is the group / interactive module.  You have access to up to four 2 hour interactive online group sessions and up to eight 1 hour coaching triads – so many opportunities to meet, talk to, reflect with, and form connections with your fellow VHPs – as well as pick the brains of some world-class tutors. These relationships will be a foundation for your ongoing work in vocal health, now is a wonderful opportunity to grow your international network of colleagues.  Let’s make the most of it!

These are the new VHP course documents – or rather the same course documents, somewhat condensed, slightly rewritten for clarity and gathered together in a hopefully more accessible way!

The VHP Course Handbook is your new reference.  If you have a question, check there first.  If you still have a question after that, contact the Course Manager.

The VHP Workbook & Reflective Journal now covers the entire course.  If you write anything, write it in there.  It’s a PDF with editable text boxes, which are a guide of approximately how much writing is useful for evidencing purposes.  If your reflections won’t fit, no problem, we all reflect in different ways, and that’s great!  Use a separate document for your full and unabridged reflections, then transfer the focused essence to your workbook.  Anything you’re unsure on, check the Handbook, then as needed contact the Course Manager.

The Learning Contract gathers together expectations that were already in place, with a couple of changes, the main ones being costs (pay-by-module has now become subscription) and timeline.  As before, if it would help to take a break between modules, reach out to the Course Manager and we can look at the options.

Step 1:  Downloads, Documents & Reflective Journals

Download and read the VHP Workbook & Reflective Journal (see above).  During Module 2 (and 3), you will be writing a reflective journal to demonstrate interaction with and development from the training, which will provide further evidence for Module 3 and be assessed in Module 4.  Your reflective journal is not marked directly, but it’s probably the single clearest indicator of your VHP-ness..

Download the VHP reading list here.
Extended access to Module 1 videos here.

Workbook, Group pages – notes of thoughts you had during the Module 2 sessions.
Workbook, Reflective Journal pages – primarily thoughts you had after and in between Module 2 sessions (but starting with what you consider to be your bias, your mentors & their bias, and VHE’s bias.  Don’t worry about this for now, it will be explored in your Person Centred workshops!)

VHP is not about knowing everything (though it’s good to know stuff), it’s not even about understanding everything (though that’s even better), it’s about how you respond to not knowing and not understanding everything.  BPS.  Big Picture Specialists?  Basically Philosophical Scientists?  If in doubt, keep asking yourself: What? So what? Now what?  ‘You can be confident in your ability to achieve a goal in the future while maintaining the humility to question whether you have the right tools in the present. That’s the sweet spot of confidence.’  (Adam Grant: Think Again)

The reflective journal is more about your learning journey than what you learned, if that makes sense.  Successes and failures, hopes and fears, what you loved and hated, agreed and disagreed with, big picture thoughts, random small things that caught your interest, ruminations that maybe don’t have a concrete answer but show where your mind wondered.  The reflective journal helps you and us understand how you engaged with the course, and how the course engaged with you (it’s a two way street).  It informs the conversation you have with your tutors and mentors, with your fellow VHPs, with your client, and with Jenevora in Module 4.  It is, dare I say, really about the philosophy of it all – but in a good way 😬

A lot of words, I know.  But I have found that at least something in the above has helped most VHPs get a handle on their journal.

Step 2: Reflecting Detective workshop

On Sunday 16th January there is a required Reflecting Detective workshop from 9-11am GMT and repeated from 6-8pm GMT, led by Stephen King.  Book one workshop here.  If you can’t make Sunday 16th January you will need to wait until April and join Cohort 4, or January 2023 and join Cohort 5.  While your contribution to the workshop is not assessed, you must attend a Reflecting Detective workshop before participating in the assessed group sessions.

The Reflecting Detective is a workshop to help you synthesise the Module 1 information into a practical protocol for use with all your clients.  This is an experiential ‘detective’ workshop, where you will be led to listen differently and ask better questions to determine whether you can uncover other, useful information about the person in front of you.  This session involves role-playing with open and closed questions (more fun than you think!), a course walk-through, help on reflecting for your journal, and a biopsychosocial refocus.  It can be hard to know what to prioritise after trying to absorb 30 hours of video content, and we’ll look at that together.

Step 3: Group Sessions

After you have attended a Reflecting Detective workshop you then have access to up to three group sessions led by a Vocal Rehabilitation Coach or Singing Voice Specialist.  You must participate in and pass at least two, with two different tutors.  Sessions start on Sunday 6th March from 1-3pm GMT, and on alternating Saturdays & Sundays in March and April.  We will open bookings for these sessions in the new year.

Sunday 6th March
Saturday 12th March
Sunday 20th March
Saturday 26th March

Sunday 3rd April
Saturday 9th April
Sunday 17th April
Saturday 23rd April

All group sessions 1-3pm GMT (usually 5–7am PST, 8–10am EST, 11pm–1am AEST)

In these sessions you will be guided through two or three real-life case studies by a Vocal Rehabilitation Coach or Singing Voice Specialist.  You will hear a recording of the client telling their story and answering questions.  In both the main group and in smaller breakout rooms you will discuss possible influencing factors for their voices and potential further questions or next steps.  There’s no competition between individuals – you are all brilliant!  Listen to the other group participants, bounce off their ideas, collaborate.  The challenge is to have courage to speak out, even if it’s to initially repeat what someone else has said.  You will likely have another angle or something further to contribute or illuminate.  You don’t need to use jargon, though we’re never against the odd technical term; show that you have an understanding of the situation.  Everyone’s contribution will be assessed, and if the tutor feels there hasn’t been the chance to evidence someone at their best, they will take the time to ask them questions directly.

The idea is for you to show that you are considering the client in a truly holistic way, and asking appropriate questions to guide their discovery of how to use their voice more easily.  If the tutor feels you’re ready to get stuck into Module 3, that’s what they’ll recommend.  If they feel you could do with absorbing and processing some more of Module 1, then that’s what they’ll recommend, so you can have another go at a Module 2 when you’re ready. Sessions will be recorded by the tutor to assist in making and feedback, then deleted.

Please remember that you will be listening to recordings of real Vocal Health clients and respect the confidentiality guidance.

Step 4: Coaching Triads

You also have the opportunity to participate in up to eight Coaching Triads.  These will be held, according to demand, on the same weekends as the group sessions on the “other” day of the weekend i.e. if the group session is on the Saturday then coaching triads will be on the Sunday.  We will open bookings for these sessions in the new year.

Saturday 5th March
Sunday 13th March
Saturday 19th March
Sunday 27th March

Saturday 2nd April
Sunday 10th April
Saturday 16th April
Sunday 24th April

All sessions 1-3pm GMT (usually 5-6am PST, 8-9am EST, 10-11pm AEST)

On your VHP journey you will have access to 30+ hours of detailed education.  In the long term all of this knowledge needs to be solidified and brought into a coaching environment.  We believe the first – and last – step in harnessing this knowledge most effectively as a VHP is using a person-centred approach.  Facilitated by a member of the VHE team you will explore the art of guiding the client in their process towards self-actualisation.  In some ways an extension of the Reflecting Detective breakout groups, these sessions will involve VHPs forming coaching triads to give you more practice with asking questions kindly and with care, creating and holding that space that enables and encourages your clients to open up, and help you form a genuine alliance.

3 fellow VHPs will get into a Zoom breakout room on a rotation of roles; one as the ‘client’, one as the ‘VHP’ and one as an observer.

• The ‘client’ comes with a question or dilemma.  This can be anything from your own life: how to get more international clients, how to get your teenage son to tidy his bedroom floor, how to get more respectful interaction from your pupils’ parents, how to pace your teaching schedule.  The question has to be real, but the subject may be anything from trivial to huge.

• The ‘VHP’ is providing a sounding board to explore ideas.  The VHP has to ask questions, not to provide any solutions.  All the answers must come from the client.

• The observer is there to give feedback on how effective the VHP has been with their questioning, to assess the process as suitably contracted and within safe parameters in the time available.

Each complete triad session lasts 1 hour; each individual triad swap lasts 15 minutes; each observer feedback lasts 5 minutes.

Step 5: Reflective Journal

Finished all the collaborative group loveliness of Module 2?  Looking forward to booking your mentored 1-to-1 sessions with a real live client in Module 3?  Great!  Now keep reflecting as you go into, and through, Module 3.

Questions? Email vhp@vocalhealth.co.uk

Enjoy 🙂