Vocal Health 

What is a Vocal Health Practitioner

This course is for singing teachers and other voice specialists who want to work with singers and other voice users experiencing problems relating to their vocal health. You are required to have completed VHFA (Vocal Health First Aid) modules and assessments before you can join the VHP (Vocal Health Practitioner) pathway. In order to qualify as a VHP, the candidate will already have at least 1000 hours of teaching or client-facing experience (that’s one year of full-time teaching). They will have a record of at least 20 hours of relevant CPD from other providers; the VHP will also need to comply with the legal frameworks of their own country in order to carry out this work. In the UK we would need to see evidence of DBS checks, Safeguarding training, and the relevant professional insurance cover. 

The qualified VHP will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to deliver vocal health practice safely and effectively.  The training will take between four and six months of part-time study, the complete training must be completed within 18 months. It comprises group classes, individual mentoring and assessment of the teacher working with clients in addition to the online content.

Places for this course are limited, the registration for the VHP course will open again soon. Please keep an eye on the website and social media posts for more up to date details.

VHP Online Training 

You will be guided through 81 films. These are grouped in four stories or case studies, with interludes providing key information. Most of these are lecture-style presentations, some are interviews or conversations between experts.

There are copies of the slides to download, so that you can make notes as you go through, and keep these for future reference. There is also a library of journal papers for you to refer to.

Your individual progress through the films is entirely at your own pace; you have three months to complete this module, so you should aim to work through 2-3 hours of content each week

There will be a multiple-choice style questionnaire with 100 questions to complete at the end of this online course. If the candidate has engaged with all of the material and passes this test, they are eligible to apply for the next stage of the training.

Group  discussions on case studies

These small online groups will be discussing real case studies, evaluating assessment methods and considering next steps. These discussions will be led by an experienced Singing Voice Rehabilitation Specialist; our team of specialists have been professional singers and are qualified speech and language therapists, they have at least 20 years of experience in singing voice rehabilitation.

Each discussion group will last for two hours, you will be expected to participate in at least two of these. They will be offered at different times to accommodate individual time zones. The contribution of each candidate will be assessed in order to either pass or to be offered the chance to redo this section.


The VHP training includes one-to-one mentoring from a VRS. This is primarily observation of rehabilitation practice; the VHP and VRS will begin by team-teaching a client, with the VHP taking over as they gain confidence and respond to feedback from the VRS. The format will generally be three observed 45-minute lessons with feedback. This mentoring and feedback process should prepare the candidate for the assessment. If, for some reason, the mentor suggests that assessment is not the right step at this stage, there will be the chance to extend the period of mentoring, with either the same or a different mentor.

During both parts of this interactive training module, the candidate will keep a reflective journal. This will be assessed by the mentor for evidence of learning, understanding and application of knowledge.

Final Assessment

At the end of the mentoring process, on the recommendation of the mentor, the VHP candidate will have a one-hour interview assessment with an independent rehabilitation specialist. If this is successful, the candidate will be awarded the Vocal Health Practitioner qualification, which is valid for three years.

At the end of the three-year period, the VHP will need to have a refresher assessment; if this goes well, the qualification will be renewed for another three years.