Introduction to Vocal Massage for Spoken Voice Teachers

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The course

Date: October 15th 2022
Location: St James the Less, Pimlico.
Time: 10am – 4pm
A one day professional development course for professional voice teachers and voice students introducing you to new techniques and approaches for working with safe and consented touch in the voice studio and class room.
Vocal massage can be particularly helpful for students with clicking jaws, a sense of a lump in the throat, muscle tension dysphonia and even reflux symptoms. This is an innovative way to engage with fundamental questions of function and technique.
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Who can attend this course?

For established Voice Teachers, Voice Coaches and Voice Studies / Vocal Pedagogy students.
Offering strategies and techniques for client self massage / class work (which students can explore with each other) and work which a coach can offer a client / student

What will I learn?

A practical and hands on encounter with anatomy and function which you may not have explored before and a refresher in the anatomy and physiology you work with
Find out how and why manual therapy approaches are becoming embedded in the world of singing and elite professional voice use
Understand what happens if you refer clients to the Voice Care Centre / joint voice clinic / Vocal Massage therapist
Explore some of the different approaches / paradigms of manual therapy on offer in London.

This 1 day course is delivered IN PERSON, and is co-taught by Stephen King and Robert Price.