Vocal Rehabilitation

What is Vocal Rehabilitation Specialist

You are required to have completed both VHFA (Vocal Health First Aid) and VRP (Vocal Rehabilitation Practitioner) modules and assessments before you can join the VRS pathway (Vocal Rehabilitation Specialist).

At this level, the VRS will undergo detailed and in-depth training in four of the following five:

This specialist training may be one you already have, for example a qualified SLT would automatically have Clinical Experience; a qualified counsellor would already fulfil number 4.

VHE will provide opportunities for training in all five areas.

The VRS will then provide training and assessment at the lower levels (VHFA and VRP), and will also provide training for institutions in vocal health awareness (see below).

Vocal Health Aware

This is open to all institutions including colleges, conservatoires, theatre companies, Saturday schools, and more.

VHE will offer an annual three-hour session for all staff who deal directly with the voice users: singing teachers, voice teachers, coaches, MDs. This training will provide guidance in the essential knowledge for safeguarding the vocal health of the students and employees. There will be guidance through an initial vocal assessment protocol, providing a baseline measure and evaluation for all students as they begin their training.

If every staff member has participated in the training, the Institution will then be able to display the badge ‘Vocal Health Aware’, showing that singers’ vocal health and wellbeing will be looked after by the institution. This will be the accepted Gold Standard for Vocal Health care in work and training.