The Thinking Voice

The Thinking Voice podcast by Dr Jenevora Williams, Robert Sussuma and
Stephen King is all about exploring the human voice through open conversation. 

The podcast is split in to two types of episode: Interviews and Conversations.

Dr Jenevora Williams: Jenevora Williams is the leading Singing Voice Rehabilitation specialist in the UK, and the joint director of Vocal Health Education.
Robert Sussuma: Vocalist, vocal learning facilitator and Feldenkrais® Practitioner
Stephen King: Stephen is the founder of the multidisciplinary clinic the Voice Care Centre, and joint Director of Vocal Health Education

The Interviews

The Interviews will be released every two weeks, and will follow a standard interview format, with one host interviewing a special guest.  The topic of conversation begins with how the guest journeyed into the world of Vocal Health, and often explores a more philosophical and idealistic avenue.  Each podcast episode is recorded live on Zoom, so you can join in the fun listening to the totally unedited show, with the opportunity to ask any questions at the Q&A.

The Guests

Declan Costello ENT
Eleanor Silverstein
Christina Shewell SLT
Rani Lill Anjum
Dawn Estefan MBACP
Prof David Howard square
Prof David Howard

The Conversations

The conversations are real time, unplanned musings between Dr Jenevora Williams, Stephen King and Robert Sussuma and include phenomenological, existential, anatomic, pedagogic and experiential motor learning principles.  The nature of these conversations will see a one word topic be steered down all kinds of cobbled conversational streets between the three hosts, unpicking relevant research (sometimes published by the hosts themselves) or anecdotal concepts and “practice-based evidence”.

The Timetable

The Thinking Voice Pilot
Join Stephen King and Dr Jenevora Williams as they embark on exploring the human voice through open conversation. In this pilot episode, Stephen and Jenevora explain how the podcast is set up and what to expect. Stephen and Jenevora chat about what led them to this podcast format, and interview each other around person centred philosophy, magic in the voice studio and life changing moments.
The Registers Converstaion
Robert Sussuma, Stephen King and Dr Jenevora Williams open up the first conversation with the randomly generated topic of ‘registers’. Stephen brings his distinction level (show off!) PGCert in Voice Pedagogy final paper on registers to the table, and all manner of anatomy, pedagogy and philosophy is discussed around this fascinating topic.
9th August

The Podcast!

Got a question, suggestion of who to interview, or want to submit a word for discussion?