Vocal Habilitation Professional

To “habilitate” is to make able, to help the out-of-sync voice user find synergy once more, and to work with your clients in a way that realigns, builds and strengthens body, mind and voice. There are no quick fixes, this work is slow and steady.
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What does it mean to be a
Vocal Habilitation Professional?

To complete the training the VHP needs to have at least 1,000 hours of teaching experience or direct client interactions, plus at least 20 hours of study from continuing professional development providers. The qualified VHP will also need to comply with the legal frameworks of their own country. In the UK we would expect you to have DBS checks, Safeguarding training, and the relevant professional insurance cover.

Who is this course for?

This course is for singing teachers and voice teachers wanting to be able to work with singers and other voice users who have been experiencing problems relating to their vocal health. You need to have completed Vocal Health First Aid (including assessments) before you can join the Vocal Habilitation Professional pathway.


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Scope Of Practice

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What do I get?

⭑ 30 Hours of Online study
⭑ 3 x 2 hour workshops with Stephen King ‘Person Centred Care’
⭑ Tailored and personalised course management.
⭑ Access to content from over 30 professionals in the field
⭑ To join a community of likeminded individuals and share your learning journey.
⭑ Rounded learning in vocal anatomy and biopsychosocial care.

How much does it cost?

Upfront Payment: £347
3 Month Payment plan: 3 x £119

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Module 1 Overview

The online training is provided by a series of filmed presentations by experts in all the fields of knowledge related to vocal health and habilitation. There are 80 films, each one is between 15 and 30 mins long. Each film has an accompanying handout for you to download and keep. The cost of the online part of the training is £347 (incl VAT).

Module 1 now also includes a set of 3 live online interactive workshops on person-centred care, including seminars and break out groups, exploring Empathy, Active Listening and Unconditional Positive Regard.

There will be a multiple-choice style test with 100 questions to complete at the end of this online course. If the candidate has engaged with all of the material and passes this test, they are eligible to apply for the next stage of the training.

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Introduction module

Walking you through Module 1 of the Vocal Habilitation Professional course

Story one: The Pub and Function Band Singer

John, 45 has sought out rehab because of a loss of power and flexibility in his range – we’re on a journey to see what might be useful for him

Anatomy module

Four films with information on relevant functional anatomy

Story two: the post voice-change young man

Matt is an Instagram singer who was made famous at age 12 singing on a major chat show. Now post voice change (17 years old), and after a successful time on a UK talent show, he now has a troubling time with his new baritone identity.

The Voice Clinic Online

A guide to endoscopy with the view of the normal larynx. Followed by four films outlining pathologies that the Voice Coach may come across in their clients.

Story three: the Musical Theatre singer with a rigorous schedule

Polly is a MT singer who finishes shows late at night and has a long journey on public transport home. Arriving to her local station after midnight and hungry, she grabs the only fast food available to her at this time

Philosophy and Boundaries

How we approach a client in terms of our role, the style of questioning and a view of the holistic nature of heath and wellbeing.

Story four: A classically trained singer who is a member of a professional touring ensemble

Marion is a 48 year old singer who tours with a small professional choir. The musical styles will vary from day to day in her work ranging from Early Music through to complex contemporary compositions.

Vocal Habilitation Professional next steps

What is the next part of this journey?

Full Course Overview

Module 1: Theory

  • 30+ hours of online content from the top Vocal Specialists on this Earth!
  • 90 days to complete
  • 100-question multiple-choice test
  • NEW! 3 online interactive workshops on person-centred care, with seminars and break out groups exploring Empathy, Active Listening & Unconditional Positive Regard.
  • Previously £397.00 (Incl. VAT)

Module 2: Discussions

  • Access to up to four 2 hour interactive online group sessions with your cohort.
  • Reflective Detective: The first session is an experiential ‘detective’ workshop where you will be led to listen differently and ask better questions to determine whether you can uncover other, useful information about the person in front of you. This session, run by Stephen King, is a required workshop but not assessed. This is an opportunity to challenge and rethink your interactions with the client.
  • You then have access to three group sessions led by a Vocal Rehabilitation Coach or Singing Voice Specialist who will take the group through two or three real case studies and the process through which each person was habilitated. This expert guidance through individual case studies gives you a rare insight into processes which normally remain behind closed studio doors, and helps to demystify working with a recovering voice.
  • Your contribution will be assessed in the sessions in order to either pass or to be offered the chance to repeat this section, and you will receive feedback from each tutor. Candidates need to participate in and pass at least two group sessions.
  • During Module 2 and Module 3, you will be writing a reflective journal to demonstrate interaction with and development from the training, which will provide further evidence for Module 3 and be assessed in Module 4.

Module 3: Mentoring

  • 3 x 60 minute sessions where you’ll deliver vocal health aware lessons guided by your Vocal Rehabilitation Specialist or Singing Voice Specialist mentor.
  • This module is primarily observation of habilitation practice; you will lead lessons, responding to and guided by feedback from your mentor. The format will generally be three observed 35-minute vocal health aware lessons with feedback. You will continue with your reflective journal during this module.
  • This mentoring and feedback process should prepare the candidate for the Module 4 assessment. If the mentor recommends that final assessment is not the right step at this stage, there will be the opportunity to extend the period of mentoring.
  • Mentoring will be with singing voice clients as default, we can also offer specialist mentoring for working with the speaking voice on request.
  • You will source your own client, helping you to build connections with organisations and communities for whom you can provide a useful service once you qualify. The client will pay VHE £75 total for the 3 sessions.

Module 4: Final Assessment with Singing Voice Rehabilitation Specialist

  • A 30 to 50 minute viva voce interview assessment with a rehabilitation specialist who will be rigorously examining your current knowledge with questions about Vocal Health, Habilitation and Rehabilitation.
  • This will take into account the Module 1: Theory Test score, the Module 2: Discussions grading, and the reflective journal from Modules 2 and 3. This is a chance for you to elevate your grade as well as cement your practice, and includes a full examiner’s report.
  • If this is successful, the candidate will be awarded the Vocal Habilitation Professional qualification, which is valid for three years.
  • At the end of the three-year period, the VHP will need to have a refresher interview with one of the specialist assessors, if this goes well, the qualification will be renewed for another three years.
  • Previously £219.00 (Incl. VAT)

How much?

Module 1 Only

Commit to just 3 months of study

Total Cost: £347
3 Month Payment Plan: £119 pcm
Option to continue with the rest of the pathway


Full Course

8 months of study

Total Cost: £1499
8 Month Payment Plan: £195 pcm
Course access beyond 8 months can be extended for a fee


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Module One now runs on a flexible start basis, allowing you to take charge of your learning timeline. Those wanting to continue the pathway will have the opportunity to join Module Two onwards at two scheduled points per year.

Please email Lauren (VHP Course Manager) if you have any questions about the course or joining the VHP community.

We’ve streamlined dates into a more term-like structure, while still building in flexibility. This means the average journey through VHP will take 6 to 8 months, and we’ve created 2 payment options to help you afford VHP in the way that works for you.